The French Water Academy Dictionary by J-L. JANIN and H. PORTINE October 2019

The Project - A bilingual lexicon of water related texts and data

The Dictionary of the Water Academy by J-L Janin and H. PORTINE in Montpellier-September 2017 the communication  "paper 81 " On the structure of the Dictionary of the Water Academy — a bilingual glossary of texts and data on water — was presented to Montpell (i) on 19 September 2017 at the LOTKS (Language, Ontology, Terminology and Knowledge Structures) Working Group, as part of the conference IWCS 2017 (12th International Conference on Computational Semantics), organized from 19 to 22 September by the LIRMM ( Laboratory of Computer Science, robotics and microelectronics of the Université Paul Valéry. 
Documents :
- paper_81.pdf
- Diaporama_de_la_communication_81.pdf
- Note_Lexeau_AGAE_14102019.pdf
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