Culture, Ethics and Society

Culture , Ethics and Society

" Why thinking over water and culture? " 

"The man is a cultural being by nature because it is a natural being by culture" reminds us Edgard Morin and the Chinese philosopher Ch'eng Hao warns that "if something is said about the nature , it is not already over nature. "

 While the water belongs to the nature, the sensible world , the physical environment . Extremely stable molecule , it exists and circulates before and after the interventions of the man on its cycle.

 Water is for us, and powerfully , a culture object : is it coincidence that "culture" comes from the Latin " colare , cultus " meaning " flow, flow "? 

Water permeates intimately sensitivities and perceptions that underlie our individual and collective identities. Its universal pervasiveness of the living world and the human activities that depend on them, but also the diversity of its distribution and the extreme variability of its plans are both opportunity and threat , source of conflict and powerful factor of solidarity, social cohesion therefore and territorial . Satisfactory management , that is to say, balanced and sustainable , surface and ground water resources, regardless of the region and the populations considered , is a collective act . A modern and efficient water management can not be achieved without the participation of all . How could we imagine that this can be done with relevance in ignorance and contempt for each specific human groups concerned cultures?

 It is in this perspective that the Water Academy is on a mission to better understand the cultural dimensions of universal water issues . 

This website , devoted exclusively to the exploration of this vast field of knowledge and reflection " Water and Culture" , gathers information , contributions and references such diverse and recommendations and advice on consultation with users. For technical reasons , it is limited to an expression in French stage, but is intended to be supplemented and enriched continuously , at the initiative of its users. We hope that everyone will find food for thought as well as the enrichment of its practices. Its relevance comes from its diversity , so your contributions , which will be signed by their authors and published after approval by the site administrator . Good navigation ...

 Jean- Louis Oliver and Pierre- Alain Roche

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