Presentation of the French Water Academy

The French Water Academy was created in 1993 by the Water Agencies and the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development.

Our objectives are as follows:
- to enhance the value of water heritage by facilitating information exchanges (technical, legal, scientific, cultural etc.) and thematic working groups
- to contribute to water management improvement, especially through initiating and supporting studies, organization of colloquia, preparation of recommendations with a view to sustainable development
- to develop national and international relations between stakeholders involved in water management
- to improve public awareness as to water-related issues

The French Water Academy is a non-profit association. Its first President was Professor DAUSSET, Nobel Laureate for Medicine Professor Marc GENTILINI, Former President of the French Red Cross and of the French Academy of Medicine succeeded him, followed by M. Serge Lepeltier, former minister of the Environment. The current president is Jean-Louis Oliver.

Mrs Monica Cardillo and Mr. Marc-Antoine Martin , are respectively Secretary General and Treasurer of the French Water Academy.

The French Water Academy currently has more than one hundred and fifty members. These include both individuals and legal entities involved in diversified activities: life sciences, human biology, urban planning and water specialists from French and foreign public and private organizations. They combine their knowledge, expertise and experience to cover the water issues in all their complexity. The balanced nature of our membership (under 50% are water specialists, over 50% come from other disciplines) aims to facilitate cross-disciplinary thinking and objectivity on the consequences of water policy.

The French Water Academy is a member of the Board of Governors of the World Water Council located in Marseilles (France).

From its creation, the French Water Academy has participated in the World Water Forum (WW Forum), held every three years:
- At the 2nd WW Forum in The Hague in 2000, we presented the Water Social Chart.
- At the 3rd WW Forum in Kyoto in 2003, we co-organized, along with UNESCO, a two-day symposium on water and cultural diversity. This event was illustrated by an exhibition jointly organized with the National Museum of Ethnology of Osaka and the Alliance Française.
- In 2006, at the 4th WW Forum in Mexico, the French Water Academy and the International Secretariat for Water organized the First International “Water and Film” Event which was accompanied by several debates and a roundtable conference on the occasion of the World Water Day “Water and culture” (
 - At the 5th WW Forum in Istanbul in 2009, we held a high-level international roundtable titled “Water Mediators” at the World Water Council Pavilion, and launched our thematic interactive website about interactions between water and cultural diversity

Within the framework of the 6th World Water Forum that will be held in Marseille in march 2012, the French Water Academy is currently working on the following areas:
- The right to water, its implementation and the notion of sanitation
- Water and health
- Water supply and sanitation access for populations in crisis situations: natural and technological disasters, fragile states and internal disturbances, armed conflicts …
- Shared waters, especially transboundary aquifers
- Cultural dimension of water management

Further information about our activities, publications and status, please visit our two websites: and


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