Regional approaches

 "There can not be a good water management without taking into account the culture "

The culture was at the interface between the nature and technology . However , becoming essentially technical , management of water resources often overlooked the importance of sociocultural order . The relationship between man and water is gradually distended and today it seems necessary to re- educate people in water using cultural media .

In order to restore a balance between the needs of man and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems, it is essential to take into account the cultural dimension of water since it is closely linked with the practices and customs of the resource.

 This section relies on both articles and case studies presented in March 2003 at the Fourth World Water Forum in Kyoto and the database of the Water Academy to show the importance of taking into account aspects sociocultural in water management . The great interest of this inventory is to remember the deep structuring of water and human activity link.

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