A word from the President

Among the many scientific associations and learned societies in the same field , the Water Academy occupies a unique place . This is indeed a conscious help improve the management of resources and multiple uses of water in France and abroad intersectoral and prospective independent center of reflection and proposal multidisciplinary .

Since the eighteenth century, the control of fossil fuels (coal and oil / gas ) and raw materials , considerable efforts have improved the scientific, technical and technological know-how allowing intense development of exploitation of natural , mineral and water resources.

This industrial revolution freed mankind from many constraints and made remarkable achievements in health , hope and quality of life.

However, today we see the limits of this mode of development which leads to a depletion of resources , reduced biodiversity and multiple pressures on the environment, especially on water.

Promote new forms of " green economy " more sober and more respectful of the natural balances , enroll in an application too often absent collective decisions or long term prospective , is for the Water Academy , a ardent obligation.

There is the material for a fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration between representatives of both sciences as human and social sciences.


Marc Gentilini   Honorary President of the French Red Cross  and the National Academy of Medicine

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